Elongated, uniformly dense, evenly curled, dark and captivating – this is how you like your eyelashes! Thanks to lash lifts, the dream can easily become reality. You can get the procedure done here at Worthingtons The Salon. In less than hour and with zero hassle, pain, or discomfort, you will be fluttering a full and luscious set of eyelashes, making your gaze unforgettable. Because it is so easy and so effective, getting a lash lift is increasingly popular. To get the best results, you ought to do your research and pick a reputable salon with a trained professional. Here is what you can expect of your appointment and how best to prepare for it.

The Basic Facts About Lash Lifts

The ease and relative longevity of a lash lift makes this beauty procedure quite attractive. As its name suggests, it is essentially a tune-up of your god-given eyelashes in order to take them to the next level. The effect usually holds for up to six weeks, making it a clear winner in the return-on-investment department of beauty treatments. While the process itself is painless and smooth, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to achieve the best results. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxsIlJqlesO/

Before Your Apointment

Since lash lifts involve the use of several cosmetic products on a rather sensitive area of your skin, it is important to test them first. To do that, you’ll need to pop into the salon a day or two before the appointment, collect samples from all the products your beautician will be using, and do a quick skin patch test. If you do not notice any irritation, you are ready to go. Lash lifts Image source

At The Salon

Once you make your way to the salon for your appointment, your beautician will first interview you briefly. Since lash lifts involve cosmetic products and manual work on your skin, you should reveal any relevant medical conditions upfront. Once that is done, you will lay down comfortably and prepare for 45 minutes of rest while the beautician works the lash lift magic. https://www.instagram.com/p/BypqKeag8yt/

Letting The Lash Magic Happen…

A hair net and a headband will keep your hair in order. Your eyelashes will be cleaned with make-up remover and protein remover pads. The beautician will then cover your lower lashes with a special sticky pads to keep them out of the way. Meanwhile your upper lashes – the stars of the show – will go under silicone curling shields. Because every set of eyelashes is different, the shields come in various sizes to provide the best fit. Then comes the bonding gel and several nurturing, volume-enhancement balms, and tinting – all while you relax. The effects really are incredible, and clients always leave the salon feeling wide-eyed, and looking super glam. Most clients are absolutely thrilled to see their beautifully long lashes looking thick and fluttering. To conclude, Lash lifts are a long-lasting beauty procedure with stunning effects that is definitely worth trying! Why not book yourself in? Featured image source.