So you want a new look. A change of hairstyle can be the cherry on the cake and the baseline for a switch up of your style. Are you’re going for a full rebrand with an entire new wardrobe, or just spicing up your existing look with a slick chop? You could spend hours Google image searching men’s hairstyles. Maybe even take a peek at hair trends on your girlfriend’s Pinterest. It’s likely that you’re going to be thrown a whole bunch of images your way. But what is cool and what even is that hairstyle called?

The Best Men’s Hairstyles for 2019

We’re going to breakdown the biggest men’s hairstyles of 2019 so you know exactly what to ask for when you sit down in that chair.

The Textured Crop

Textured Crop Men's Hairstyles (Image credit unknown) Otherwise known as the ‘short back and sides 2.0’. The old classic of men’s hairstyles has been given a shake up and brought into 2019. No one can go wrong with this style. However, if you’ve got thick hair with a natural texture this one will really work for you. The natural growth patterns of your hair really help to give this cut it’s signature ‘I woke up like this’ finish. This naturally messy cut requires minimal effort. So if you’re a guy that hates fussing with his hair this is for you. Work a little matte paste through your hair to create a softer look. Want to smarten it up? Easily achieved and maintained with a water-based pomade. This hairstyle works how you want it to.

The Undercut Quiff

Undercut Quiff Men's Hairstyles (Image credit unknown) We all go through the quiff stage of our hair journey at some point or other, usually when we’re younger and have slightly less of a clue about what’s cool. The addition of the undercut to this coming-of-age men’s hairstyle gives it the modern update it needs. But doesn’t a quiff take a lot of work and styling? Now the quiff we’re talking about here isn’t the old school version. There’s no trying to make every single hair on your head stand stiff upright to resemble a skate ramp. No, this is a grown up quiff with lots of texture. Towel dry, add some sea salt spray, blow dry and then work some clay through it to give it the right amount of texture.

Tapered High & Tight

High and Tight Ryan Reynolds Men's Hairstyles (Image credit unknown) If you’re not one for all of those longer hairstyles that are about at the moment then this classic men’s hairstyle is for you. Not a man bun in sight. Requires minimal effort for when you just can’t be bothered with your hair. It’s not quite a buzz cut, you’re still left with a short length on top for a little style when you want to. It’s a better and more modern version of the basic short back and sides. Want to create a little texture? Just work a small amount of paste through towel dried hair evenly. If it’s good enough for Ryan Gosling it’s good enough for us.</p?

Messy Man Bob

(Image credit unknown) This is one for the guys who want to hold on to their locks or are aspiring to grow out their locks this year, this is something to work towards. More and more longer men’s hairstyles are taking centre stage when it comes to hair trends. One of the biggest culprits in previous years for making this so popular? Harry Styles. Jason Mamoa, James Bay and Timothée Chalamet among others have all taken their stab at a longer style. Think it’s a hairstyle that just starts to appear on a man when he abandons all visits the barber? Wrong. While skipping cuts is essential to getting the length going, it requires the artistry of your barber to really perfect the style. There’s a difference between long and scruffy and long and sexy. Just don’t go too smooth, you want it to look natural and messy. Day to day just let it dry naturally. Use salt spray for a more textured look or some soft wax to bring out your curls.

The Buzz Cut

(Image credit unknown) If you can pull it off why not go for it. The most low maintenance cut you can get for day to day. You’ll need regular visits to the barbers chair though to keep it nice and short. A buzz can make all of your other features stand out. So if you’ve got those model cheekbones and sharp jawline get a clean shave and show it off! If you didn’t want a completely pristine cut go for an almost complete buzz all over. Keep the tiniest but of extra length in the front, we’re talking just a millimetre or two for a little extra messiness and texture. Want to take your cut to the next level? To book men’s hair cutting services by Luke here at the salon call us on 0118 983 2964, book online, or contact us today.