News  •  July 29, 2019

Protect Hair From Sun Damage: 5 Quick Tips

In this article, we will look at five tips to protect hair from sun damage.

Protect Hair From Sun Damage: 5 Quick Tips For Holidays

Summer is a great season for fun lovers. The sun is out and you can enjoy almost all sports and beach activities. But one problem we all have to deal with in this bright season is hair damage. Sun rays are not just harmful to the skin. They will also make your hair limp and lifeless as the sun will dries out your hair very quickly. Summer is also characterised by excessive sweating and an increase in dust. These elements can increase hair problems like dandruff. Here’s how you can help your hair in the heat…

1. Invest In A Hat

The easiest way of protecting your hair in summer is to wear a hat. The hat will provide a barrier between the sun rays and your hair, and that will prevent damage. As an extra advantage, the hat will also shield your face from sun rays and will protect your skin. You will also enjoy staying cool all day long. It is important to select a wide-brimmed straw hat as these ones are the most effective at protecting your hair from sun rays. You may also want to look into getting a hat with UV protection, or one that is closely weaved to provide you with optimum protection against sun rays.

2. Use Sunscreen To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

Sunscreen is not just meant for your skin – it should also be used on the hair. You should not use your skin sunscreen on your hair as there are special products on the market meant to be used specifically on the hair. These sunscreens are relatively new to the market. They are designed to filter UV rays from the sun. Many hair products are now being manufactured with sunscreen, and you can use them to protect your hair in summer. Some of these products include conditioners, shampoos, oils, and hair sprays.

3. Trim Your Hair

You should also trim your hair in summer. This is because the sun will do even more damage to hair that is already dry. Getting a haircut will remove the dead ends of your hair and make it healthier over the season. You should get your first haircut at the start of the season, and ensure you get subsequent haircuts every 4 – 6 weeks. If you let your hair grow throughout the summer season, you will be at a higher risk of developing split ends.

4. Go Easy With Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments and hair cosmetics can improve the appearance of your hair, but they can have negative effects on the health of your hair. They can make your hair thinner and weaker, and could eventually lead to some extent of hair loss. Chemicals can cause dandruff and scalp redness in some people. In the long term, your hair could become discoloured. During summer, the sun will damage your hair even more if it is already weakened by chemicals and cosmetics. If you need to apply dyes and other chemicals to your hair, make sure you do this a month or two before the start of summer.

5. Don’t Use Shampoo On Your Hair Every Day

Shampoo can be beneficial to the hair. But using it every day to wash your hair can cause more harm than good. The undesirable ingredients in shampoo are known as Sodium Laureth Sulphates, and they can quickly dry your scalp and hair. They can also cause thinning and hair loss, and these effects can be accelerated by intense sun rays. If you have to use shampoo often, make sure you purchase a mild product that will not have severe effects on your hair health. Also, make a point of learning how to use the shampoo correctly. For example, you can apply the shampoo on the scalp and let it rinse down to your hair. This will be better than applying the product directly on the hair.

Now You’re Ready For The Sun…

Summer comes with its own challenges. You don’t just have to worry about the health of your skin, but also your hair. You can protect hair from sun damage by wearing a hat regularly, trimming your hair, using hair sunscreen, and avoiding hair chemicals. Also, you should avoid using shampoo on your hair every day. Have fun and stay protected!