News  •  April 29, 2019

Gel Nail Facts: Everything You Need to Know About Shellac

The perfect manicure can be the cherry on top of any outfit. We all want immaculately shaped and polished nails, but their upkeep can be a bit offputting can’t it? A lick of polish might get you through a night out but what happens when you chip it the morning after. And don’t even get us started on chipping a nail. There’s a way around this seemingly neverending cycle of having perfect nails one minute and tired nails the next. Shellac (or gel) nails are the answer. We’re so thankful that this trend came around, gel nails are a real asset to the manicure tool box.

What Exactly Are Shellac / Gel Nails?

So what are shellac nails? Created by CND, you use UV or LED light to cure and harden the shellac polish to achieve a hard wearing and glossy manicure. We know it sounds appealing so we’re arming you with all of the shellac gel nail facts you should know before getting your manicure (or pedicure!)

Gel Nail Facts You Might Not Know

They’re long lasting

One of the best things about shellac manicures is how long they last! If you’re hard on your nails, or they take a little bit of a beating in your day to day life, gels are a godsend also. They typically last two to three weeks. They can last longer if they don’t become worn. The only thing that will make you want to get back to the salon is your nail regrowth.

Start off with healthy nails

There’s a big myth that shellac actually damages your nails – but it doesn’t. As long as you start off with healthy nails, your nails will stay in great condition. Keep your cuticles healthy and hydrated with oil!

Always get them removed professionally

The only risk to your nails is the removal process. Removal of shellac can have an effect on your nail beds so it is essential it gets removed by a professional carefully. So stop peeling your gel manicure off, this is the number one reason why people’s nails become damaged by shellac.

No beetles in sight

It isn’t made from bugs! All CND Shellac polish is synthetic and isn’t made from beetles. Shellac is just the name they use for trading.

Gel Nail Trends

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Tortoiseshell to nails is what snake print is to fashion in 2019

We see snake, zebra and leopard print everywhere but we rarely see tortoiseshell. We only ever really spy it in accessories here and there. So why not make it the ultimate accessory and put it on your nails? Turn heads with your tortoiseshell.
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A nail trend that we think is totally out of this world

#ConstellationNails has been taking Instagram by storm in a number of manifestations. From pretty pastels to girly glitters and this simple but striking dark polish. Astrology is certainly having its moment in every medium, even nails, and we love it. Excuse us while we go and get our zodiac constellation painted on our nails stat.
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Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the super glossy

A matte offers up a chic alternative manicure. The no-shine polish gives off super sophisticated vibes. It may be a simple design but it is the solution for the perfect modern mani and it is anything but boring.
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Can’t decide on a shade? Choose them all!

We know how hard it can be to decide what colour polish to go for, so why not go for a gradient? You’re sitting in the salon and you know you want to go purple but you don’t know what shade. Just go for all of them! Maybe not all, but a beautiful selection to bring you from light to dark across each hand.
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Glitter is only for Christmas, said no one ever

No one can stop a girl from wearing glitter all year round, especially not on her nails. You can go for seemingly less holiday themed glitter during the other eleven months of the year. Offset the glitter with more seasonal shades or nudes. Maybe even stick to just a few accent nails to subtly slip the glitter into your mani like the photo above.